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Marco x Ace - Yonayona - Yaoi Hard. Kid x Law - Bestia Inmortal - Yaoi Hard. Zoro x Sanji - Brave Story Vol. 9 - Yaoi Hard. Kid x Law - Nyuutora - Yaoi Hard. Zoro x Sanji x Law - Threesome Vol. 3 - Yaoi Hard. Zoro x Sanji - Muy Mucho Desastre - Yaoi Hard. Zoro x Luffy - Kono Kasa wo Tatameba - Ohara Yaoi.One Piece Various Luffy Zoro Nami Sanji Robin Ace Law Sabo Texting Modern Au. ∘ (Yandere!One Piece!various x reader)∘ In which an innocent young woman downloads an app to want to know love, but unknowingly the men she gets matched with have hungry, dark, and lustful intentions. No matter where she goes, they'll hunt her down and will do ...

Summary. After inheriting your late grandfather's farm, you pack up your city life and move to Grand Line Town - a sleepy coastal village in the valley of Reverse Mountain on the outskirts of New World City. Upon arrival, you are met with a motley crew of residents, most of whom seem to welcome you in with open arms.Summary: You help Sanji in the kitchen and of course it gets romantic! Relationship: Sanji x Reader. Warnings: - none -. Prompt/AU: 120 words - 120 oneshots. AO3 Link. "Hey, Sanji.". The blond man looked at the galley door, through whose slightly opened crack you stuck your head. His face lit up when he saw you.

X suicidal reader (One shots) (Requests Closed) (On Hold) Fanfiction. The person of your dream falls in love with you, but you have a suicide problem. Can they save you from yourself before it's too late? REQUESTS ARE CLOSED. The cover belongs to me, don't steal it please. Highest ranking : #14 - suicidal #35 - jef... Undertale Sans x Suicidal Reader. Within Snowdin town you sat inside the skeleton brothers' house. You were standing there, just looking out the window, watching the snow fall down gracefully. You were holding a little kitchen knife in your hand. While blood dripped from your hand, tears streamed down your face.

4. Seek therapeutic help. Therapy is not just for your parent with suicidal thoughts. A suicidal parent is an extremely taxing burden, so don't feel bad if you need outside help. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help you come to terms with the emotions and thoughts that can arise as a reaction to your situation.

Jul 17, 2020 Β· Pairing: Roronoa Zoro x Reader. Summary: Zoro being jealous cuz his s/o is too close with Sanji. Type: Fluffy Headcanons. A/N: Yes thank you! I’m trying to take ...

Read Cold (Rob Lucci x Reader) from the story One Piece One Shots [x Reader] by redskybluecherry (Redskybluecherry) with 1,703 reads. zoro, fluff, doflamingo...A sans x suicidal reader oneshot. It's pretty short sorry yo Also TW for the dark themes. Add to library 130 Discussion 32. Your my source of happiness (human uf pap x suicidal depressed insomniac reader. August 3, 2020 Emily . Fanfiction Uf Papyrus Undertale Sans X Reader Underfell.Nami, Robin, and Sanji are the first to arrive back to the ship, the blonde carrying dozens of different sized and coloured shopping bags. The chef greets you as he typically does- which is rather obnoxious, but full of compliments. Luffy, Chopper, and Brook are next to arrive, shortly after the previous trio.

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Originally posted by r-a-f-t-e-l - Because Zoro likes to have naps under the warm, sea sun he tends to have a couple of nights where he just gazes up at the stars or watch the way they glisten against the soft rolling waves. Although those nights aren't nearly as magical without you to have by his side, so expect him to wake you up in the middle of the night because he doesn't want to ...
Nami is working for the TV-Channel New World Entertainment together with her friends Robin and Vivi. Sanji is working as Chef in the Baratie. Trough Vivi they meet each other and while Sanji is falling for Nami right from the beginning, Nami is seeing him as a prig and a womanzier first.

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(A/N: The reader in this story is suicidal and has some pretty dark thoughts/encouraging words of suicide directed at the reader. This is a work of fiction and in no way do I want you to take this fanfiction seriously.